All the Games!

On this page you will see all the games who are on Zoe’s Games…


it’s the first game of the site, a puzzel tipe. You must jump on the platforms and get to the finish (without getting killed!).plataform4


Shooter Guy:

it’s the second game made by Zoe P. It’s a 2D shooting game where you shoot whit a gun the cannons who shoot at you.shooterguy1PLAY!


it’s a game where you move a car and you must avoid the obstacles. Real cool when you crash! (You can play this one even on a touch-pad)racer2


Little Pong:

This game it’s a copy of the classic pong. You got a ball and two paddles!littlepong


Olive Farmer:

This game is totally original! It’s a simulation of the olive gathering made in some parts of the world. It’s even the biggest game Zoe P. made so far.olivefarmer2



It’s the last game made for the site. Here you must JUMP and JUMP and JUMP! (You can play it even from a touch-pad)jumping2


These are all the games online, but….. there is a new one coming soon….